Board Grants


Qualified grant proposals will be reviewed by the Andrew Family Foundation Grant Making Committee prior to quarterly board meetings. The committee will make a recommendation to the Board of Directors of the Foundation.

Final grant awards are decided upon by the Board. Generally, the Board meets in February, May, August and November of each year.

Applications not meeting the criteria may be returned and/or further information may be requested. Applications deemed ineligible will not be considered.


Step 1: Take our Eligibility Quiz
Please click on "START" on the homepage to take our online Eligibility Quiz to confirm that you qualify for a grant from the foundation.

Step 2: Submit your Letter of Inquiry
Upon successful completion of the Eligibility Quiz, you will be invited to complete an online Letter of Inquiry.

Step 3: Full Application
The Board will review your Letter of Inquiry and may invite you to submit a Full Application for review.

Step 4: Review of Applications
Applications will be reviewed by the Board. A decision on any application or inquiry depends upon the number and nature of all other requests and availability of funds.


Generally, grant payments will be made within the month upon which the grant is approved. However, the Andrew Family Foundation has the discretion to set the appropriate schedule.

Grant recipients may receive a grant report to be completed and submitted to the Andrew Family Foundation after grant is awarded. The purpose is to provide a progress or status report that includes:

  • Objective of program
  • Description of program recipients
  • Financial Update
  • Program Outcomes
  • Organizational Information

The Andrew Family Foundation may from time to time request additional financial statements, independent audit reports, Internal Revenue Service filings, annual organizational budgets and other various information pertaining to organizational and program changes.


The Andrew Family Foundation reserves the right to discontinue grant payments if the recipient organization does not comply with the requirements outlined under Grant Administration. Furthermore, the Andrew Family Foundation retains the right to reduce or discontinue grant payments under circumstances where Andrew Family Foundation, at its sole discretion, deems the program may not meet its stated objectives.