Junior Board Grants


We, as members of the Junior Board and the next generation, feel it is our responsibility to carry on the tradition of philanthropy in our family with the hope that our efforts will make a difference.

We aspire to help people enrich their lives by providing opportunities for education in traditional academics and the Arts. We also support programs that raise awareness about the importance of living sustainably and in harmony with the environment.

We will use this Foundation as a stepping stone to help ourselves and others own the responsibility to leave the world a better place even in small ways.


The Andrew Family Foundation Junior Board seeks to fund qualified Section 501(c)(3) organizations whose purpose is aligned with our mission statement and is focused on positively impacting the lives of youth. Our preference is to support well-established organizations with 5 or more years of operating experience unless a Board Member has familiarity with the organization. Additionally, to ensure that our support will provide a more significant impact, we are interested in organizations with a budget of less than $5 million. We are highly interested in funding grants designated for a specific purpose or specific project that will have a direct impact on the target population.

Interested grantseekers will be required to complete and submit an online letter of inquiry for consideration. Organizations that receive support should provide an update of the program or project subsequent to funding.


When you're ready to apply, please click the "Start" button on the homepage.